[Catalyst] Why does $c->stats require -Debug flag?

Richard Jones ra.jones at dpw.clara.co.uk
Fri Apr 11 19:53:17 BST 2008

Jon Schutz wrote:

>>From the perldoc for 5.7012 - 
> "Stats collection is enabled when the '-Stats' options is set, debug is
> on or when the <MYAPP>_STATS environment variable is set."
> So, if you want stats but not debug, use -Stats instead of -Debug.

Yeah I tried -Stats already - something must have changed in a recent 
version of Catalyst::Stats, as now I get:

[error] Caught exception in MyApp::Controller::Root->end "Can't locate
object method "accept" via package "Catalyst::Stats" at .. etc"

So it's now finding the stats method but apparently not accept. accept 
is a method of Tree::Simple I think. I didn't specifically load anything 
from Tree::Simple previously, it just worked using $c->stats->accept().
Richard Jones

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