SV: [Catalyst] CC::FormBuilder woes - I don't get it

Peter Sørensen maspsr at
Thu Apr 17 06:47:36 BST 2008


I had the same problem a few months ago and was advised to change the 
stash_name from the default. So I have the following:

__PACKAGE__->config( name =>'YourApplicationName',
			   'Controller::FormBuilder' => {
					method_name => 'form',
					attr_name => 'Form',
					obj_name =>  'form',
					stash_name => 'fb',


Then in the template: 

[% fb.field.<fieldname>.field %]

I haven't figured out why I had to change this name but try.


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Emne: [Catalyst] CC::FormBuilder woes - I don't get it

My problem with FormBuilder and Template Toolkit :

[% form.render %]

[% FOREACH f IN form.fields %]
[% f.label %]
[% f.field %]
[% END %]
[% form.field.<fieldname>.field %]
does not work

The same problem was signaled a year ago under de subject "CC::Formbuilder woes".
A solution was posted :
> Actually, it _was_ a stash issue, but all down to my misuse of it! 
> Once I used the correct term for it (default = formbuilder), or 
> over-rode it with the Controller::FormBuilder config entry stash_name 
> => something_else, it worked fine. Thanks for the pointer.

My problem : I just don't get it.
the default for stash_name is formbuilder.  Does this mean that [% formbuilder.field.<fieldname>.field %] ought to work ?  It doesn't.
Or else, what should I override it with ?  with 'form' ?  No luck either.

Maybe someone more knowledgeable than me might be able to help me.

Piet Ruyssinck

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