[Catalyst] Re: Multi-language and REST

Aristotle Pagaltzis pagaltzis at gmx.de
Fri Apr 25 16:20:53 BST 2008

* Ian Docherty <catalyst at iandocherty.com> [2008-04-25 16:35]:
> I have considered chained, and would be prepared to re-write
> the existing controllers. A bigger decision would be renaming
> the controllers or moving them.
> e.g. existing MyApp::Controller::Foo::Bar maps to URI /foo/bar
> To match against /<lang>/foo/bar either I can leave the
> controller where it is (lib/MyApp/Controller/Foo/Bar.pm) or
> move it (lib/MyApp/Controller/Lang/Foo/Bar)
> The first approach is less work (only using chained) the second
> is more work, but maps the URI namespace more logically to the
> Class names.
> What would people do if they were writing a Catalyst App from
> scratch with this feature? That would tell me what the 'best
> practice' is even if it means a big re-write exercise.

I use Chained exclusively and don’t use the Perl package
namespace as a mapping to the URI namespace at all, only
for logically grouping related functionality. Usually the
two still correspond to some extent of course, but I don’t
feel any need to force a correspondence.

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