[Catalyst] Catalyst website

Andrew Rodland arodland at comcast.net
Tue Apr 29 08:41:26 BST 2008


1) What is the preferred name for the Catalyst website? I thought that at one 
point we were leaning toward sticking with catalyst.perl.org, but all the nav 
links are for catalystframework.org. One way or another I think the site 
should be clear on what it's named, and send a Moved Permanently redirect to 
the preferred address when accessed using the nonpreferred address.

2) Will the "new wiki" go live[1] at its current toeat.com address or at 
$answer{'Question 1'} . "/wiki/"?

3) Can we have a link to thebookerrata on the front page with the book link, 
where newbies are likely to find it? Something to the tune of "Having 
trouble? Click here for important information on the Catalyst book." I will 
happily submit patch to the website if this is not shot down.

4) Thoughts on improving the website in general? It's nice, but not very 
filling, and I don't think it gets a lot of love. Again, I'd be happy to 
help. Maybe this should wait for the new wiki though? I'm thinking that 
either we would want to highlight some of the most important wiki articles 
from the website, or else the wiki could end up being most of the website, 
since it's powered by hierarchical fairy dust.


[1] I think the new wiki is live in all but name anyway, and the old wiki is 
getting stale, so I do hope that MojoMojo is production-quality soon!

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