[Catalyst] Checking out sources with svk?

ivorw m9tn-oh4c at xemaps.com
Sat Aug 2 16:00:23 BST 2008

Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum wrote:
> Hi,
> Im trying to check out the Catalyst sources using svk on a Debian system. The wiki says that the sources are at http://dev.catalystframework.org/svnweb/Catalyst so i took the svk advice from the Advent Calender to try to do this:
>  $ svk mirror http://dev.catalyst.perl.org/repos/Catalyst //mirror/Catalyst
>  $ svk sync -r HEAD //mirror/Catalyst
>  $ svk co //mirror/Catalyst
Can you supply the version of svk. The code has evolved over time, and
some command line options may have changed.

$ svk version

I'm running svk 1.08

I also take it you picked up the correct dependencies via the Debian
tools viz:

$ apt-get install svk

This is recommended, rather than a CPAN install, as apt manages the
external dependencies for you.
> but in the first line i used http://dev.catalystframework.org/svnweb/Catalyst
> instead. I got this:
> $ svk mirror http://dev.catalystframework.org/svnweb/Catalyst //mirror/Catalyst
> Repository /home/jen/.svk/local does not exist, create? (y/n)y
> Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/lib/perl5/SVN/Core.pm line 584.
> XML data was not well-formed: 
> $
This command worked fine for me. No message about XML.
> What am i doing wrong? Also "svk sync -r" gives an "unknown option: r" error.
That is correct, there is no -r option as you can't sync to a revision.
The command should read:

$ svk sync //mirror/Catalyst

Hope this helps,


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