[Catalyst] [SOT] cat webmail app?

Andy Dorman adorman at ironicdesign.com
Fri Aug 8 16:06:56 BST 2008

Matt S Trout wrote:
> So, I suggest you pick one. Otherwise I'm going to come up with a really bad
> name like 'camelmail' and name your list after that.

Heh.  I am not sure camelmail is a bad name.  At least not if you understand 
where the name came from.  <grin>

And please make sure you announce the new list to the rest of this list so the 
rest of us that are interested can participate.

While we have not jumped into the discussion yet, we are about to field a 
webmail service using Horde/IMP/Postfix/OpenLDAP/Cyrus.  And while Horde is an 
amazing piece of work, it IS PHP.  And we would much prefer to work with 
Catalyst/Mason/Perl someday.

We may not be able to contribute a lot at the start of the project while we are 
getting our current service off the ground and working out the kinks over the 
next few months (we are working against a pretty aggressive time line for our 
clients).  But once it is up and running, we plan to devote some of our 
development resources to a replacement for Horde.  And we could not do any 
better than to collaborate with this team.

It would be fantastic to have a true FOSS modular webmail client using Catalyst.

Andy Dorman
adorman at ironicdesign.com

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