[Catalyst] Re: list of perl-*.rpm files for a basic Cat install

Aristotle Pagaltzis pagaltzis at gmx.de
Mon Aug 18 22:33:37 BST 2008

* James S. White <james at jameswhite.org> [2008-08-18 23:10]:
> Using CPAN to manage your systems when you have a handful of
> boxes is fine, and if you're doing development, I'd recommend
> it as well. But when you have over 200, having multiple
> versions of perl and CPAN modules all over the system becomes
> an operational abyss.

Point taken; the usual advice of compiling Perl and running a
vetted CPAN mirror is motivated by the more common situation
where the number of large Perl apps to run, which tend to be
sensitive to module versions and may each require a different
version of the same module, is not a priori bounded. Trying to
handle that situation via the package manager of the distro is
asking for the impossible.

If you have a large number of boxen and only a bounded and small
number of Perl apps to support, then using the package manager is
a more sensible proposition, but few people are in that position.

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