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Joshua Drake jd at commandprompt.com
Wed Aug 20 19:50:45 BST 2008

On Wed, 20 Aug 2008 13:04:52 -0500 (CDT)
Gene Selkov <selkovjr at observercentral.net> wrote:

> > Right, that is the constant issue with all the toolkits. My mind is
> > something that provides an introduction to Catalyst (which is good
> > for Catalyst) but also, "Why use Catalyst with PostgreSQL?". What
> > kind of cool features can Catalyst (and is associated libs) expose
> > that developers might be missing.
> The coolest feature in postgres is its extensibility. Tsearch2, which 
> someone mentioned in an earlier post is based on a user-defined data
> type. I have done some work on the postgres GIST a decade ago, which
> enabled applications like Tseach2, among other things. There is no
> full-text search capability in the postgres engine, but it doesn't
> have to be implemented in the engine. 

Well as a note, 8.3.x has Tsearch integrated. It is no longer user
defined. Your point about being user extensible is certainly true.

> So if you really want to highlight postgres's advantages, focus on 
> its extended behaviors.

> But linking that to Catalyst will appear contrived, unless we can

I am not sure about that. The point of the talk would be, using these
features in Catalyst.

Here is an example. I was under (the false) assumption that Hibernate
can't use natural or composite keys. In fact, I thought that
Catalyst/DBIx was the only one that could.

I am going to bet that a lot of developers think that a integer based
key is required (which is really bad), when in fact it isn't. That
would be a perfect thing to show the capabilities of, including why you
would do such a thing.

> Alternatively, I could collaborate with someone to demonstrate the
> use of extended data types in postgres. I myself will not be able to
> attend any conferences outside UK for a year or so.

That was definitely some very cool items.

Joshua D. Drake

> Regards,
> --Gene
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