[Catalyst] Re: System call problem

Florent Angly florent.angly at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 16:21:51 GMT 2008

Well, after some more fiddling and researching, I figured this problem out.
Using the modified command:
> system(@formatdb_cmd) == 0 or die("Could not run command: 
> @formatdb_cmd\nReturn status: $?\nMessage: $!");
I found out that my error message is:
> No child processes
It turns out that in Catalyst, $SIG{CHLD} = 'IGNORE'. Setting $SIG{CHLD} 
to 'DEFAULT' makes the system() calls return the proper status.
Problem solved...

Florent Angly wrote:
> Hi all,
> My Catalyst application uses an external Perl module that needs to 
> call an external application using the Perl system() command. This 
> Perl module works fine on its own (no error message when the external 
> app is called). However, whenever used from within my Catalyst 
> application thtough the Catalyst test server, the return status of the 
> system() call is always -1 (failure, success is 0), even though the 
> call seems to be executing just fine (valid output files are produced).
> This is the system call:
>>       system(@formatdb_cmd) == 0 or die("Could not run command: 
>> @formatdb_cmd\n$?");
> I tried to implement the system call with IPC::Run, but it just did 
> the same.
>>       IPC::Run::run(\@formatdb_cmd) or die "Could not run command: 
>> @formatdb_cmd\n$?";
> Any idea what is going wrong? Do I need to do something in Catalyst? 
> Should I just ignore the system() return status  (but then I would 
> miss real execution errors)?
> Thanks,
> Florent

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