[Catalyst] Re: System call problem

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Wed Dec 24 10:14:43 GMT 2008

On 19 Dec 2008, at 16:21, Florent Angly wrote:

> Well, after some more fiddling and researching, I figured this  
> problem out.
> Using the modified command:
>> system(@formatdb_cmd) == 0 or die("Could not run command:  
>> @formatdb_cmd\nReturn status: $?\nMessage: $!");
> I found out that my error message is:
>> No child processes
> It turns out that in Catalyst, $SIG{CHLD} = 'IGNORE'. Setting $SIG 
> {CHLD} to 'DEFAULT' makes the system() calls return the proper status.

I assume that you do this like this:

     local $SIG{CHLD} = 'DEFAULT';
     system('my system command');

Does doing something similar around $class->handle_request; in  
Catalyst/Engine/HTTP.pm make it work in a generic way so that you  
don't have to do this hack locally?

And is there any chance you could write a simple test which shows the  
return values being lost, so that we can properly fix this in  
Catalyst, with appropriate regression testing?


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