[Catalyst] Re: Upload problem

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Tue Dec 23 10:49:54 GMT 2008

On 23 Dec 2008, at 10:33, Florent Angly wrote:

> I still haven't made any progress on this issue... Any hint on  
> where to look to debug this problem?

At a guess, I think this is a browser based problem, and the request  
is never being sent to the Catalyst server.

I know that I've successfully uploaded files > 2Gb as both multipart  
and octet-stream, and it works fine (in fact I have an application  
which does mostly this).

I'd recommend that you try using wireshark to dump what is happening  
on your network interface to confirm this, and/or build a small  
command-line program which will do the upload for you. This won't  
solve your root problem, but it will allow you to prove where the  
problem lies..


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