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Just to better understand what your trying to do. Are you saying you
want to display records and only the records that are selected you want
to be passed to the other db? 

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Hi All,

I trying to build a small App with a few hundred records. They want
the ability to add multiple records from myApp into another DB using
CGI key/value pairs. I am looking for suggestions on the best way to
do it. I am using FormFu. I am considering using a onload action to go
with the Controller and View but I can't help thinking there might be
a more elegant way to do what I want.

My current method involves displaying a list of records, each with
it's own Add button. The Add process opens a record in edit mode,
using FormFu to vailidate it, if it passes change the form->action.
There doesn't seem to be a submit method in FormFu or
Plugin::FillnForm so I am reduced to using an javascript onload
form.submit to submit it. So my current method, apart from being a bit
cumbersome (if you not careful you can end up with the page constantly
reloading on a failed validation) only supports single record

Is there a better way?

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