[Catalyst] Package , Catalyst::Plugin::Wizard is great but examples need some clarification

kakimoto at tpg.com.au kakimoto at tpg.com.au
Fri Jul 11 07:50:08 BST 2008

hi there
Anyone used this module yet? I was very impressed when i read the
perldoc for it.
 Even got it installed. 
I  think it's a very powerful module but needs some work.

Now, looking at the example found in
I have some questions.

1) Referring to " sub edit : Local", it will only work if the current
user has logged in.. That sounds alright but then again, what happens
when a user is already logged in?

2) I have tried building something into my application. I have these steps:

   - step 1: Display form showing loan type
   - step 2: Validate and make sure a loan type is selected. Then,
display a specific loan type form which contains specific attributes
(based on loan type ie. personal loan, home loan and so forth)
   - step 3: Validate and make sure the attributes of a specific loan
type has been entered. If so, save loan type and the other attributes
into the model and just display a "saved ok" confirmation screen (the

    When I used this Catalyst::Plugin::Wizard,  $c->wizard is never
defined when I come to step 3.


thank you

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