[OT] Re: [Catalyst] ANNOUNCE: Catalyst::Devel 1.07 andCatalyst::Manual5.7012 released to CPAN

Brad Bowman list at bereft.net
Tue Jun 10 12:41:18 BST 2008

>>>> YAML is hard to understand for a blind developer because if he 
>>>> arrows up or down the text, he hears the current line spoken,
>>>> but he doesn't know how many spaces is that line indented. YAML
>>>> is useful only visually, but not all the programmers can see, 
>>>> so from this point of view, other configuration modules are
>>>> better.
>> It is also possible to hear the number of spaces when using a voice
>> synthesizer, but it is not very friendly to use a language like
>> Python. The languages like perl, Java or C# that use blocks
>> enclosed between { and } are much more friendly.

YAML, the format, supports "flow" style collections which
use {} and [], as JSON does.  


I don't think Perl's YAML modules support emitting in this style yet,
although you may be able to hand-write YAML this way.


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