[Catalyst] Catalyst site design drafts feedback thread

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Wed Jun 11 20:54:26 BST 2008

Ok, here's how this is going to work:

We're going to have one round of feedback, I'll give it a week or two or
until this thread stops getting new posts.

The designs are numbered so we have a simple way to refer to them; I've
presented them in alphabetical order by creator surname.

Feedback should be *look and feel* - the actual content will obviously
be determined as/when we do the actual implementation so my previous rule
of "content suggestions in a separate thread and you have to be willing
to implement the suggestion" applies.

Where possible, please reply with your feedback directly to this post
- while you may want to elaborate on what somebody else has said, I want
-your- comments specifically because if all feedback stands alone it'll
be easier to marshal for the designers.

Once we've got feedback in, everybody will go away and revise their
designs (or not, if they think you're all wrong :) and then we'll do
consultation on the final drafts.

Here are the designs I've been given:

Simon Elliott:

(1) http://www.browsing.co.uk/cat

Mark Keating:

(2) http://agaton.scsys.co.uk/~matthewt/catsite/cat_mock_web_001.png

Scott Ladzinski:

(3) http://ion0.com/hx/cat/new-version-2-26.jpg
(4) http://ion0.com/hx/cat/catalystSiteDesign3.jpg

Mike Whitaker: 

(5) http://agaton.scsys.co.uk/~matthewt/catsite/catsite-Penfold.pdf

Gentlement, start your feedback engines.

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