[Catalyst] Catalyst site design drafts feedback thread

Robert L Cochran cochranb at speakeasy.net
Wed Jun 11 23:03:29 BST 2008

> Simon Elliott:
> (1) http://www.browsing.co.uk/cat
> Mark Keating:
Well, I wonder how this one will really look inside a browser window
that has a lot of installed toolbars? The two rows of links at the top
have a toolbarish feel.

> (2) http://agaton.scsys.co.uk/~matthewt/catsite/cat_mock_web_001.png
I love the color and the mother-earth-feel, but the links are a little
hard to see and my eyes are old.

> Scott Ladzinski:
> (3) http://ion0.com/hx/cat/new-version-2-26.jpg

The links are much easier to see. I'm not sure how I feel about the
strong red header.

> (4) http://ion0.com/hx/cat/catalystSiteDesign3.jpg
The links are easier to see, but the theme suggests book advertising.
> Mike Whitaker: 
> (5) http://agaton.scsys.co.uk/~matthewt/catsite/catsite-Penfold.pdf
Links are easy to see for old eyes.

I think the person who discussed movabletyp.org's footer has a point
there. I like the larger footer to an extent.

My overall impression: a design that scales well to widescreen flat
panel monitors (like 24-inchers), easy-to-see links and a font size of
at least 14 points get my vote. You know it would be nice to bring up a
site on a widescreen monitor and be able to read it at a distance
without having to move my eyes to the 1-inch-from-the-flat-panel mark.

Bob Cochran

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