[Catalyst] Re: Catalyst site design drafts feedback thread

Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 08:18:35 BST 2008


> (1) http://www.browsing.co.uk/cat
> I am well aware of this - the top 'tempter' paragraph is way too ugly  
> and on this monitor makes the text pretty difficult to read, but I was  
> on a too tight a schedule to do anything about this. The bottom half  
> of the page has had very little time spent on it. Remember, the only  
> page elements which will appear on all pages are the toolbar ribbons  
> and logo, so are important to get right. The second ribbon is a sub  
> menu as you mouse-over the top main menu sections, so we should have  
> plenty of expansion in that area for the future.

This site looks nice and accessible for screen readers also. But I am not sure that I can access all the pages if I must mouseover some links. Can it be used from the keyboard only?

(I couldn't test the other examples because they are just images.)


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