[Catalyst] Re: Catalyst site design drafts feedback thread

Simon Wilcox simonw at digitalcraftsmen.net
Thu Jun 12 19:22:43 BST 2008

Matt S Trout wrote:
> I was thinking about yours but can I get away with asking for all of the
> above? Given myself and kieren both find most of the other sites objectionable
> it'd be nice to see why you prefer them.

I think you're not the target audience that those sites are trying to 
reach. As someone else pointed out, those sites are designed to appeal 
to the bosses who sign off on the decisions as much, if not not more so, 
than the developers who work with the framework.

You, or this list, needs to decide who the audience for the catalyst 
site is. If it's trying to persuade developers and management to switch 
to Catalyst then it needs to appeal to those people. By your very 
position you are in neither of those two groups so perhaps not in a good 
position to decide what would appeal to them :-)

obias's design is good if somewhat shamelessly derivative. That's a 
complement really as he's trying to speak the visual language that many 
people will expect to see.

BTW - I heartily recommend Web ReDesign: Workflow that Works 

Form follows function, almost always :-)


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