[Catalyst] Catalyst on Windows via FastCGI?

Jordan Webb coldguy at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 23:58:43 BST 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone can point me at a winning recipe for getting  
Catalyst running on a Windows server via FastCGI?  I've been having a  
lot of trouble getting FastCGI working at all on Windows.  We're  
running the official binary distribution of Apache 2.2.9 on Windows  
Server 2003.  So far I've tried the DLL from fastcgi.com, a  
mod_fastcgi.so that I compiled myself against the headers and  
libraries from the Apache distribution, and the binary distribution of  
mod_fcgid; no luck on any of them.

I have this line in my Apache config:

FastCgiServer F:/path/to/app/scripts/app_fastcgi.pl

Requests return a 500 Server Error and I keep on getting messages like  
this in the error log:

[Wed Jun 18 01:27:08 2008] [warn] FastCGI: server "F:/path/to/app/ 
scripts/app_fastcgi.pl" (pid 3116) terminated with exit with status '0'
[Wed Jun 18 01:27:13 2008] [warn] FastCGI: server "F:/path/to/app/ 
scripts/app_fastcgi.pl" restarted (pid 2164)

When I run the app at the command-line it spits out headers and Hello  
World just fine.  The app also works under the test server.  FastCGI  
works if I use FastCgiExternalServer and run the app on a UNIX box; I  
can't do that running the app on a Windows box thought, because the  
process manager module that Catalyst uses for FastCGI uses SA_RESTART  
which doesn't work on Windows.

I'm running Strawberry Perl with Catalyst and friends  
installed from CPAN.

I'm willing to change any of this up to get things working, I don't  
really care what combination of web server and Perl I run as long as I  
end up with Catalyst running under FastCGI on Windows.  Can anyone  
help me out?


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