[Catalyst] Re: How to print/display some data in an end action

Emmanuel Quevillon tuco at pasteur.fr
Mon May 5 07:46:42 BST 2008

Aristotle Pagaltzis wrote:
> Hi Emmanuel,
> * Emmanuel Quevillon <tuco at pasteur.fr> [2008-04-30 16:30]:
>> Maybe I can clarify the situation.
> OK; but all of that was already reasonably obvious. The issue is,
> you are doing something to forward to ::View::TT automatically at
> the end of a request. Catalyst does not do that by itself. So the
> problem would have to be fixed there. First question: what does
> the `end` action in your Root controller do? Do you have any other 
> `end`s? If so, what do those do?
> Regards,
Hi Aristotle,

My Root::end action is simply :

sub end : ActionClass(RenderView) { }

And I don't have any other end action in other controllers.



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