[Catalyst] IMPORTANT: To all Catalyst::Whatever Authors, please read and ACT

Ashley apv at sedition.com
Sun May 11 03:16:44 BST 2008

On May 10, 2008, at 6:44 PM, Matt S Trout wrote:
> On Sat, May 10, 2008 at 05:56:41PM -0700, Ashley wrote:
>> Arguing that users who cargo-cult their configs from POD deserve
> There are several requests A DAY on #catalyst that come down to YAML
> indentation mistakes.
> If users are clearly repeatedly not getting this, it's time to  
> change stuff.
> If we do a 5.71 I think the catalyst.pl default should change then,  
> and
> then after a few months we file bugs against every distribution still
> using YAML examples instead of code and/or .conf.

As I said, I'm all for more examples and even volunteered to write a
script to make it easy to sync them. It wouldn't be much fun to be
actively disallowed from using the example that I am going to
want to see or stub from when I run perldoc. I like helping others
but I write code primarily for myself. I know you don't like YAML,
Matt, but I do. I don't see that having a best practice of ... top 3?
configs is incompatible with the stated goal.

I believe YAML/POD is causing problems but since it's the most
used example it's simply going to be the most asked about whether
or not it's intrinsically problematic. If the docs only had  
fragmentary XML
or Apache style confs, the irc would be getting plenty of questions
on those instead.

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