[Catalyst] Suggestions for CatalystX::Installer

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Mon May 12 04:44:39 BST 2008

* On Mon, May 12 2008, Mitch Jackson wrote:
> Paul,
> Is CatalystX::Installer going to be used to help initally create a
> project, or help deploy a project that is already written to a server
> for use?  If it is for helping deploy a project to a server, there's a
> few things I think would be helpful.
> - Generate a cpan preresiquites list from the source


> - Generate a file or archive of some sort that can be used to deploy
> the application

"make catalyst_par"

> - Install the preresiquites via CPAN

"make installdeps"

> - Implement setting up the initial database state, perhaps through
> $schema->deploy(), or a SQL script, or another method


> - run the app's test suite and report if tests succeed or fail

"make test"

Jonathan Rockway

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