[Catalyst] Re: RFC: Catalyst::Controller::REST::DBIC

Dave Rolsky autarch at urth.org
Fri May 16 20:38:51 BST 2008

On Fri, 16 May 2008, Mark Trostler wrote:

> I'm sorry but something just feels wrong about your approach - feels like 
> your mixing at matching REST & a UI on top.  Get the REST part down first, & 
> then worry about something the browser can see on top of it.  I don't think 
> you should let 'what a browser can see' to influence the REST design.
> Get the primitives, GET to search, POST to insert, PUT to update, and DELETE 
> to remove working.
> Then you, or someone else, can layer something nice for the browser on top of 
> that.  Letting what the 'browser can see (or do)' influence your RESTful 
> design is just a bad idea I think if you're trying to create a REST 
> controller.

I'm suspecting you didn't mean to address me, even though you replied to 
my message.


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