[Catalyst] TT output to a new browser window or tab

Chris Devine chris at vistaeng.homeip.net
Sat May 24 19:09:40 BST 2008

Yes, it is html for now, other formats later as options based on the html.

What in need to know is how can I "fork" from within Catalyst to do this. I
have a form collect some options. The user hits submit. This window shows a
result (Ok, Error), and a go home button. The report is created and opened
into another window.

Thanks again,

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If you want the output in in a new browser window, then making a link:
 <a href="catalyst_url_here" target="_blank"> seems the right way to go.
Catalyst will then be responding to new request when the user clicks on the

Is the original report you are wanting to start from in html?

Chris Devine wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using TT to create a report. I have found how to direct it's
> output to a file. Can anyone point me to how to output it to a new
> browser window or tab? Equivalent to clicking on a link that includes
> TIA,
> Chris
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