[Catalyst] How to build a catalyst system based on plug in ?

Solli Honorio shonorio at gmail.com
Tue May 27 03:42:21 BST 2008

Hi John, thanks for your attention and my apologize for the first email.
Re-reading I could see now that the email was looking like a newbie asking
for 'to do my homework', and definitively this was not my intention. My

Maybe the right question would be 'if someone known/had a catalyst system
extensible by plug ins' that I could study to check how they solve a fill
problem that I'm looking for to be solved.

I know how plugins works, the deferents technique to load plugins and share
information, and I had read the 'Writing Pluggable Software', from Tatsuhiko
Miyagawa, and 'Build Easily Extensible Perl Programs', from Ask Bjorn
Hansen. I've test the Module::Pluggable::* and Class::Trigger on a simple
enviroment of concept and test (and know i'm starting looking into
Catalyst::Plugin::Pluggable). But I'd like to try to use the 'pluggable
software' with Catalyst on a way that the user could extend the system
without worry about on the which the DBMS the system are running, or have to
know a lot of catalyst, or a single way to include something on a web

And finally the idea of this software isn't to be a nagios concurrent or
something like, but a interface to manage the configuration file of the
linux systems. Than I'm talking about to do a config parse and update this
config file on a simple and controled way.

Again, my apologize for the fist email. I had never had the intention on
something like 'do my homework', but just if someone here had knowledge with
plugin on a catalyst system that could share me how this kind of system
could work on a MVC enviroment.

Thanks all

Solli M. Honorio

2008/5/22 John Napiorkowski <jjn1056 at yahoo.com>:

> --- On Wed, 5/21/08, Solli Honorio <shonorio at gmail.com> wrote:
> > From: Solli Honorio <shonorio at gmail.com>
> > Subject: [Catalyst] How to build a catalyst system based on plug in ?
> > To: catalyst at lists.scsys.co.uk
> > Date: Wednesday, May 21, 2008, 11:54 PM
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm thinking about to build one system to manager
> > services on distributed
> > Linux machine on central console, something like webmin but
> > to manager all
> > services of many server on one single console.
> >
> > I would like to know about the best strategic to build this
> > system based on
> > plug in on a MVC environment , things like:
> > * how to build a interface that would be easy to plug in
> > add new feature to
> > user interface ?
> > * how to build a model that plug in could increments tables
> > without worry
> > about the sql server used ?
> > * what is the best way to load plug ins on a MVC
> > environment ?
> > * and any other that I can't think by now but you can
> > advice me !
> >
> > Thanks all,
> >
> > Solli
> > Honorio
> You have a lot going on here.  I recommend you start by looking at some
> open source monitoring tools, rather than building everything up from
> scratch.  It sounds to me like you're going to need software running on e=
> of the monitored boxes and some sort of message queue that the central
> system is monitoring.  If I had to build this custom I imagine I'd write
> scripts on each of the monitored boxes that would insert report data into
> shared database, or maybe use a job queue like TheSchwartz to help me man=
> that.  Then I'd have some sort of alerting system, probably via email or =
> for critical alerts.  Catalyst could be used for a web front end to give =
> a sort of global dashboard.
> So I think 1) Catalyst can play a role here, but it's not going to be the
> center of your system, 2) you need to looking at some existing opensource
> monitoring tools, 3) come back to us with more detailed, "How do I" sort =
> questions. I don't think anyone here is going be able to write your
> technical specification for you!
> John
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