Off Topic: Re: [Catalyst] [Announce] MojoMojo 0.999021 has been released to CPAN

Ali M. tclwarrior at
Sun Nov 2 08:10:21 GMT 2008

There is another project by Sebastien Riedel, and its called Mojo,
just one Mojo.

I think the people working on MojoMojo, should contact Sebastien and
work out the naming thing, because it sometimes gets confusing
following the news about either.

best regards and good luck to both projects

On Sat, Nov 1, 2008 at 3:12 AM, Marcus Ramberg <marcus at> wrote:
> Hi gang.
> Just a quick notice to inform you that a new version of the Catalyst/DBIC
> based wiki MojoMojo has been released to CPAN. A major focus for this
> release has been to make MojoMojo easier to install and maintain, and to
> that effect, I'm happy to mention that we're finally rid of Plucene. There's
> also some check to warn you of permissions trouble at startup, as well as a
> new fluid layout for smaller displays, and a number of bug fixes.
> I've included the entire change list below. If you're interested in
> MojoMojo, I suggest stopping by #mojomojo on
> --
> Be well
> Marcus Ramberg
> Nordaaker Ltd (  Open web app craftsmen
> 0.999021  2008-11-01 01:47:00
>        - Move search to KinoSearch
>        - Make startup checks for permissions.
>        - Remove BindLex
>        - Fix lingering 'query' search name which should be 'q'
>        - add Edit Pages link to navbar
>        - Some spawn db fixes
>        - Fix session config, removed colonos (plu)
>        - liquid layout for less than 1024px wide view
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