[Catalyst] [Announce] Mojo 0.8 released (full Windows compatibility) and website launched!

Sebastian Riedel sri-lists at labs.kraih.com
Mon Nov 3 13:15:34 GMT 2008

It's a great day for Mojo, the last big milestone has been reached and  
we are now 100% Windows compatible.

But thats not all... a web framework is nothing without a pretty  
So we have finally launched http://mojolicious.org

Lets see if we can start a new trend of good looking Perl sites. ;)
You can now always grab the latest Mojo release from http://mojolicious.org/Mojo-latest.tar.gz

Here is the complete changelog.

- Fixed Mojo::Server::Daemon windows support.
- Generated applications now have individually named executables.
- Cleaned up Mojo::Home.
- Changed Mojolicious default application templates to something more  
- Mojo::Base accessors don't take multiple arguments anymore, this  
results in a 25% speed increase.
- Added MOJO_MAX_MEMORY_SIZE environment variable.
- Added prepare_parser and prepare_builder callbacks to Mojo::Message.
- Added done and is_done to Mojo::Stateful.
- Fixed many win32 related bugs.
- Fixed keep alive related bugs in daemon and client. (Pedro Melo)
- Allow default in Mojo::Base to have false values. (Pedro Melo)
- Fixed chmod_rel_file in Mojo::Script. (Shu Cho).
- Mojo::Base attributes can't start with a digit. (Shu Cho).
- Fixed Content-Length header for empty messages.
- Removed warning from Mojo.pm.
- Renamed gate to bridge in MojoX::Routes.
- Added waypoint() to MojoX::Routes.
- Added named url_for to MojoX::Routes and Mojolicious.
- Added Mojolicious documentation. (vti)
- Fixed documentation links.
- Fixed some typos.

Sebastian Riedel

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