[Catalyst] Change the default view

Dermot paikkos at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 3 13:59:29 GMT 2008


I have a small subroutine/method that checks if a file exists. The
method is being called by an Ajax function. Unlike the other functions
in it's Class, this method doesn't need to render a tt template, it
should simply return 1 or 0. .Catalyst is complaining that is can't
render the template for this method but I don't want to render a
template. I'm sure this is something to do with RenderView/end but I
can't get it to stop doing  -> Motion::View::TT->process.

Any tips please?

sub fileExists : Local {
  my ($self,$c) = @_;
  my $type = $c->request->param('type');
  my $number = $c->request->param('number');
  my $path = getPathFromNumber($number,$type);
  if (-e $path) {
        return 1;
  else {
        return 0;

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