[Catalyst] Simple caching question

Jason Kuri jayk at ion0.com
Fri Nov 7 00:09:55 GMT 2008

> Given how light my requirements are--the app's been chugging
> along fine for years without any caching--I don't think I need
> to bother putting another app into the mix. The memory
> requirements for Memcached don't worry me--the server never
> goes down, and even if it did, another round of database
> retrievals wouldn't hurt anybody--but if it's something that
> needs managing, I'll just go with FastMmap and see how that
> works.

Hi Jesse,

Allow me to point you to this:


That article shows how to make your app cache friendly.  Using an
external cache engine is probably the shortest path to caching on your
site, and as the article points out, it's quite easy to add to your
app.  Quite a bit easier, IMHO, than using memcache, etc.

Good Luck,


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