[Catalyst] Mapping CGI scripts URLs

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Fri Nov 21 19:29:45 GMT 2008

* On Fri, Nov 21 2008, Christian Lackas wrote:
> I assume this is some kind of strange safety feature?

Nope, something must be wonky in your app.  I tested it, and .cgi paths
work fine.  (You might want to try the myapp_test.pl script in the

However, I think I would probably not implement the legacy URL
translation as a controller.  I would override prepare_path or similar
to translate the CGI-style URL to the new-style URL before the rest of
your app (including the dispatcher) ever sees it.  This way your app
doesn't know that the legacy URLs exist at all, and you won't have to
test two sets of URLs (or the potentially odd interactions with uri_for
and whatnot).

Jonathan Rockway

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