[Catalyst] PDF upload problems (prob OT)?

Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum bg271828 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 27 14:49:07 GMT 2008

--- On Thu, 11/27/08, Tomas Doran <bobtfish at bobtfish.net> wrote:

> From: Tomas Doran <bobtfish at bobtfish.net>
> Subject: Re: [Catalyst] PDF upload problems (prob OT)?
> To: bg271828 at yahoo.com
> Cc: "The elegant MVC web framework" <catalyst at lists.scsys.co.uk>, joel at fysh.org
> Date: Thursday, November 27, 2008, 5:13 AM
> On 27 Nov 2008, at 12:51, Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum wrote:
> > I have added this debug code, and discovered that for
> this file it is always 93333 bytes. Thats what it is in the
> filesystem before i upload it,
> > thats what it is when Cat reports it as T0m suggest i
> do above, and thats what it is when Cat outputs it again as
> described above.
> > 
> > But the output is messed up--still visible but with
> errors throughout, as if someone had written it on a
> blackboard and erased parts and shifted other parts.
> > 
> > so maybe the four byte extra is a different issue? I
> cant replicate it at least for this file. So maybe its a
> binmode thing after all? How do i force it to output as
> binary?
> Ok, next thing to try is to capture the HTTP request and
> response being made.
> You can then replay that HTTP request to see if it reliably
> creates the same problem, and also inspect the contents
> before it gets to the browser to check where the corruption
> is happening.

This is really cool and i didnt know you could do this!

I installed Paros and have played around with it. Unfortunatly i cant figure out what is happening, still.

My reponse headers look like this:

HTTP/1.0 200 OK
Connection: close
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 14:36:52 GMT
Content-Length: 93341
Content-Type: application/pdf
Set-Cookie: session=7eccab441f14e3d142a072a231c66e51e5b91598; path=/; expires=Thu, 27-Nov-2008 15:36:52 GMT
Status: 200
X-Catalyst: 5.7014

Which seems OK to me, i guess, though the Content-Length isnt the same as what Cat is reporting for the output, which is 93333, same as the file size. (I guess thats from headers)

The PDF itself looks like the PDF i can view in the terminal. It begins

8 0 obj 
/N 1
/Filter /FlateDecode
/Alternate /DeviceGray
/Length 631

and it ends 

0000092712 00000 n 

/Info 11 0 R
/Root 10 0 R
/Size 12
/ID [<3bf4386624f3e774819afb5b8dfa18af><669eeb717392a42f4903bdf458b7f775>]

both of which match what i see when i look at the thing itself.

So im not really sure where to go from here.

I can report that the effect is the same with Epiphany, Firefox, and Opera.



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