[Catalyst] OT Apache question

Jesse Sheidlower jester at panix.com
Fri Nov 28 02:45:16 GMT 2008

A few weeks ago I asked a series of questions about caching,
at the end of which discussion it was suggested that I use
Apache, instead of Cat with the Static::Simple plugin, to
serve my static files. I had tried this once before and ran
into problems and given up, so, the question:

I'd prefer to keep my current directory setup, in which I have
my Cat applications, in the usual configuration, under
/usr/local/www/modules. So, for example, my "incomings"
database is at /usr/local/www/modules/Incomings, its
templates are at /usr/local/www/modules/Incomings/root (so
Static::Simple serves them normally), the controllers are at
(for example)
and so forth.

However my document root is at /usr/local/www/data, which
obviously does not include /usr/local/www/modules. So, if I
try to follow the Static::Simple suggestion of adding, say,

<Location /Incomings/static>
	SetHandler default-handler

this obviously won't work because /Incomings/static isn't in
fact under my document root, it's in the filesystem at
/usr/local/www/modules/Incomings/root/static/. Trying this
just gives me 404's for all of the static stuff (CSS, images,

How do I configure Apache to serve these files, without
reorganizing what is by now a rather complicated directory



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