[Catalyst] Catalyst::Controller::SOAP "no operation `index' for portType" error

Ian Sillitoe ian at sillit.com
Fri Nov 28 12:22:19 GMT 2008

> Hmm - the subclassed controllers work, but the original one with 'sub
> index' does not, no matter what I try (:Local, :Path('')).
> When I read the code for C::C::SOAP::DLW it has:
> sub rpc_endpoint :Path('') :ActionClass('SOAP::DocumentLiteralWrapped') {
> };
> instead of index.

Sorry, I wasn't in a position to test when I sent the last email - I assumed
(wrongly) that it matched the rpc_endpoint in the WSDL to the path rather
than the sub name. It doesn't - I'm getting the same error as you.

As you noticed the subclass C::C::S::DLW does work - although only based on
the SOAPAction header (not the RPCLiteral style dispatch).

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Ian Sillitoe
CATH Team -- http://cathdb.info
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