[Catalyst] Simplified auth configuration - input requested

Kieren Diment diment at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 03:23:44 BST 2008

On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 11:55:29AM -0600, Jason Kuri wrote:
>  Hi All,
>  Some folks have mentioned recently that the
>  Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication system while being quite flexible is
>  somewhat difficult to understand / set up initially.

Have a look at Catalyst::Helper::AuthDBIC on CPAN and in the catalyst
repo.  I'dlike bug reportson this module as well as I know there are
bugs.  Basically it takes an existing catalyst application and bolts
basic (encrypted password field) authentication onto it with an sqlite
database and dbic.  Once that's done, it's pretty easy to manipulate
the DBIC schema and config to make it do what you want.

>  I am soliciting comments regarding the issues that people have had and
>  what changes people would like to see.   Better messaging, differences
>  in config format... whatever you are interested in, speak up.  I'm
>  going to take the input I receive in this thread into consideration as
>  I do some updates to the modules over the coming weeks.
>  I'm not promising a rewrite of the auth module by any stretch, but I
>  would like to know the 'gotchas' that people have encountered, and any
>  areas that folks feel could be improved.
>  Note that I'm talking about the core Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication
>  module - not the various (separately packaged) credentials, stores,
>  etc.  The exception to that is the DBIx::Class store - since I
>  maintain that and I think it's also the one that is most often used,
>  feel free to chime in with your complaints / concerns there.
>  One of the things that I am planning to do is to create a 'simpledb'
>  pre-packaged realm - that will make the 'normal' case of encrypted
>  password + DB user storage a bit simpler to config.   (For those who
>  are interested, pre-packaged realms are simply replacement realm
>  classes which can handle configuring their store / credential on their
>  own... which allows for drastically simplified Cat configs)  If anyone
>  has comments on what a 'simple config' might look like, let's hear them.
>  So, all that said, If you feel like there are improvements you'd like
>  to see, simplifications to be made, etc... now is your chance.  Speak
>  now or expect a good solid ignore when I'm done and you say 'but I
>  wanted....'  ;-)
>  JayK
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