[Catalyst] Catamoose Interviews Part Two, Matt S. Trout speaks!

Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 07:15:20 BST 2008

Hi John,

Thank you and Matt for this interview. It was very helpful.

A few words made me understand better what can I use Moose for in Catalyst apps.
For the moment I haven't seen examples of using business logic in models that don't use Moose.

When I saw that the code uses Moose, it was harder to understand, so I prefered to use the bad style of business logic in Controllers, although I knew from the start that it is not a good way, because I won't be able to use the same code for command line programs.

I always create the models, views and controllers using the helper tools and I expected to see what should I do to add business logic to the models.

I am not one that says that Catalyst code is not perl code, but for using Catalyst, a beginner should be able to use DBIx::Class and most probably he should be able to use Template-Toolkit and maybe other modules like HTML::FormFu and from now on he should also learn to use Moose. If the programmer knows all these modules but one, it would be easy to learn to use that module, but if he can't use more of these modules, it would be harder to understand the POD docs because he won't understand if a certain piece of code is done in a certain way because of Moose, or because of DBIx::Class...

I have used Class::Accessor modules, but only now I understood that Moose can be used for doing the same thing in a more advanced way.


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> The project to port Catalyst to Moose continues.  An interview with Core Team Member, Matt S. Trout, reports on this project's progress.  If you are interested in where Catalyst is going as we finish up 2008, or would just like to hear Matt's thoughts about the project and community, you can read the full text:
> http://jjnapiorkowski.vox.com/library/post/catamoose-part-two-mst-speaks.html
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