[Catalyst] FormBuilder not working

abhishek jain abhishek.netjain at gmail.com
Sat Sep 27 19:53:51 BST 2008

>>  For example I do something like this for a radio button
>  lang_publish:
>   label: Publish
>   options: Y=3DYes, N=3DNo
>   value: N
>   required: 1
> For a select like you want it should be
>  lang_publish:
>  label: Publish
>  options: Y=3DYes,N=3DNo
>  type: select
>  required: 1
> also youcan add the multiple attribute to specify if more than one can be
> selected
> Hope this helps

Thanks a lot for the info,What if i have comma (,) as a part  of the value,
I am not framing questions it is a part of the requirement and i am not
finding anything on net.
Also someone told me formbuilder is not supported much anymore and one
should use FormFu, is it true?
Pl. someone reply,
-- =

Thanks and kind Regards,
Abhishek jain
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