[Catalyst] Installing Catalyst::Authentication::Store::DBIx::Class Breaks Catalyst

Collin Condray ccondray at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 11:59:42 GMT 2009

Thanks everyone for their quick responses to my issue. Between upgrading to
the latest version of Catalyst and commenting out all references to the
Authentication module I can get the vast majority of the site's
functionality working which is good enough for my immediate purposes. I've
also updated DBIx::Class, Class::C3 and
Class::C3::XS as suggested. So now, my issue is no longer urgent just

As J. has requested here are the relevant parts of my configuration files:


use Catalyst (



our $VERSION =3D '0.01';

__PACKAGE__->config( name =3D> 'myapp' );

# Start the application

# Authorization::ACL Rules
__PACKAGE__->deny_access_unless( "/admin", [qw/admin/], );

and myapp.conf

name myapp
    default_realm dbic
                # Note this first definition would be the same as setting
                # __PACKAGE__->config->{authentication}->{realms}->{dbic}
                #     ->{credential} =3D 'Password' in lib/myapp.pm
                # Specify that we are going to do password-based auth
                class Password
                # This is the name of the field in the users table with the
                # password stored in it
                password_field password
                # Switch to more secure hashed passwords
                #password_type clear
                password_type  hashed
                # Use the SHA-1 hashing algorithm
                password_hash_type SHA-1
                # Use DBIC to retrieve username, password & role information
                class DBIx::Class
                # This is the model object created by Catalyst::Model::DBIC
                # from your schema (you created 'myapp::Schema::User' but as
                # the Catalyst startup debug messages show, it was loaded as
                # 'myapp::Model::DB::Users').
                # NOTE: Omit 'myapp::Model' here just as you would when
                # '$c->model("DB::Users)'
                user_class myappDB::Users
                # This is the name of a many_to_many relation in the users
                # object that points to the roles for that user
                role_relation  roles
                # This is the name of field in the roles table that contains
                # the role information
                role_field role

The main exception to the tutorial method is that I'm using an email address
as the user name rather than a username field.

The error message that is now showing up in my logs is: "No Store specified
for realm "dbic", using the Null store."

Thanks again for the responses. Again, please let me know if there's any
other information I can provide.

Collin Condray
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