[Catalyst] RFC: no make install on catalyst apps

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 2 11:32:33 GMT 2009

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> On 28 Jul 2009, at 14:14, Marcus Ramberg wrote:
> > I see catalyst apps being complete CPAN packages as a real advantage.
> > Taking away the make install option seems very limiting
> +1
> I would very much support moving to a 'real' sharedir for templates / config 
> etc, rather than the current hacks (given appropriate back compat) however.
> Cheers
> t0m

I am vaguely planning something roughly based on the XDG directory specification:


for localizing configs and related.  Something like this would make is much easier to have multiply versions of the same catalyst application running.  Like, if I had MojoMojo installed and wanted to run two seperate wikis with different configs.  You can do that now but requires playing with %ENV and copying some configs around.  

In my mind the way this would work is that you'd have the config and other share data stuff as templates inside your dist, and than at install time we'd copy to all the correct places.  Then we'd merge configurations in the following order.


Where $cpan is where cpan stuff is installed globally, $home is your home directory.  Maybe we could move around the order a bit, but this way we'd set all the 'no moving parts here' config in the $cpan (stuff like when the app was installed, some paths).  Then whatever user started the app, we'd read from her local configuration (we'd probably need some sort of 'first time' script if it's not present, which would copy from a template and prompt for required values) and last we'd merge in any globally set up stuff.  

Maybe with more people using local lib this is not as important, although I see local lib most as a developer tool or as a workaround for people that are on shared servers.

That's just for config, but could work as well for search paths for templates

Most of the bits are in place for this, and I think this cold be grafted into a project like "http://github.com/bobtfish/catalyst-app-example-locallibapp/tree/master" if we all agree.


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