[Catalyst] Easiest Way To Update Fedora 10 to Catalyst-Runtime-5.71000

Robert L Cochran cochranb at speakeasy.net
Fri Feb 6 21:38:41 GMT 2009

I think I just succeeded in packaging Catalyst::Runtime 5.7100, 
HTTP::Body 1.05,  and Catalyst::Runtime::Devel 1.10 all in Fedora RPM
packages. However I'm woefully lacking in my RPM building and Catalyst
developer skills, so it remains to be seen if I really did the job
correctly. I'll  contact the Fedora packager and offer to send the
packages  forward for evaluation. This person's spec file actually split
off some of the Catalyst::Runtime code into a separate RPM called

If anyone wants my RPM packages, again with the understanding that I'm
new to this and could have done it wrong, please email me directly.  I
may not be able to provide the binaries until Sunday evening February 8,
Eastern Standard Time.

Bob Cochran
Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

Richard Siddall wrote:
> Robert L Cochran wrote:
>> My installation of Fedora 10 x86_64 is using Fedora-packaged Perl
>> (perl-5.10.0-53.fc10.x86_64) and the perl-Catalyst-Runtime
>> (perl-Catalyst-Runtime-5.7015-1.fc10.noarch) and it doesn't seem to be
>> maintained; there is no 5.71000 release as an RPM package. I have read
>> the thread from last summer about Red Hat and CentOS releases not having
>> real good Perl installations.
>> I'd like to upgrade to 5.71000, using an RPM package if possible.
>> (perhaps I can get the source RPM for 5.7015 and rebuild it for 5.71000
>> with any new dependencies added in. I have an RPM build tree on this
>> machine that I've been using to build stuff like avr-gcc.)
>> Any suggestions?
> Looks like the maintainer of that RPM is
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Cweyl according to
> http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/packageinfo?packageID=4381
> You might try contacting him/her and asking for an updated package.
> (Note the Amazon wishlist!)
> Failing that, using the .spec file from the last SRPM along with the
> tarball from the latest release would be a good first attempt.  If that
> doesn't produce good results, I'd try cpanspec
> (http://cpanspec.sourceforge.net/) as my understanding is that it's used
> extensively by the Fedora Perl packagers.
> Regards,
>     Richard Siddall
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