[Catalyst] Problems with session under IIS

koniczynek koniczynek at uaznia.net
Mon Jan 12 15:22:06 GMT 2009

Could you please provide a link or some sort of howto on getting Catalyst
to work with FastCGI? Is it possible to run Catalyst after user enters my
URL, eg: http://example.org or is it impossible and you have to use

On Mon, 12 Jan 2009 09:28:51 -0500, Stuart Watt <swatt at infobal.com> wrote:
> It's probably not entirely helpful, but once I eventually managed to get 
> IIS working, Catalyst's session management seemed to work just fine. I'm 
> using Perl 5.10 (self-compiled, MingW) and Catalyst 5.7. Once I had 
> struggled through all the permissions issues, which for IIS are many and 
> painful to debug, it all worked. I'm using the ::Session::Store::File, 
> which given that I only occasionally need session data, has been fine.
> One major difference: I used FastCGI rather than CGI, and CGI with IIS 
> does do all sorts of funny header stuff. For example, the following bug 
> might break session handling. Under IIS CGI, there's some strange "NPH" 
> (non-parsed headers) modes that do affect behaviour.
> Which version of IIS are you using?
> http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;q176113
> All the best
> Stuart
> koniczynek wrote:
>> Hello Everyone,
>> >From some time now I've been trying to get Session support in Catalyst
> to
>> work but to no avail. I used several different methods for session state
> and
>> storage plugins but nothing seems to work under IIS. Perl is configured
> as
>> en extension (for .pl files there is perl.exe %s %s executed - perl
> scripts
>> are working fine). Perl version is Active Perl 5.8 and Catalyst version
> is
>> 5.7
>> What is more confusing is that under included MyApp_server.pl session is
>> working fine. There is problem only in IIS.
>> If there are any other data needed to help me with this I would be glad
> to
>> provide them. Any help will be greatly appreciated. This is giving me a
>> headache already.

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