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Marcus Ramberg marcus at nordaaker.com
Thu Jan 29 09:34:42 GMT 2009

Now that you're all done upgrading to 5.7100, it's time to help us out by
testing the next developer release of 5.8000, 5.8000_05, which was uploaded
to CPAN today. I've included the changelog since the previous developer
release at the bottom of the mail.
In case you want to help out with the actual development 5.8, this is our
current TODO:

Known issues:

     - Catalyst-Log-Log4perl Deep recursion on subroutine "MockApp::setup"
       to Adopt::NEXT not remembering which setup methods were already
       and which not, like NEXT does. Log::Log4perl needs to be fixed and
       problem should be described in Upgrading.pod. (rafl)

     - MX::Emulate::CAF - list assignment (see notes in Upgrading.pod and
       branch in svn)

     - Catalyst::Plugin::Session::State::Cookie - cookie_name is undefined
       unless explicitly configured because setup_session isn't executed.


   - Catalyst/Upgrading.pod needs brushing up


  - vs 5.70 and optimisation as needed.

Marcus Ramberg
Go West, Young Catalyst!

5.8000_05 2008-29-01 00:00
        - Text::SimpleTable's go as wide as $ENV{COLUMNS} (jhannah)
          Patch written by Oleg Kostyuk <cub.uanic at gmail.com>
        - Improve docs for visit (mateu)
        - Add docs for finalize hook (dhoss)
        - Added ru/ua translations to error page
        - Improve the clarity and verbosity of the warning when component
          resolution uses regex fallback. (jhannah)
        - Handle leading CRLF in HTTP requests sometimes sent by IE6 in
          keep-alive requests. (andyg)
        - Fixes for FastCGI with IIS 6.0 (janus)
        - Passing request method exported by Catalyst::Test an extra
          parameter used to be ignored, but started breaking if the
          was not a hash in 5.8000_04. Extra parameter is now ignored if
          it isn't a hashref (t0m)
        - Fix request argumentss getting corrupted if you override the
          dispatcher and call an action which detaches (for
          Catalyst::Plugin::Authorization::ACL) (t0m)
        - Fix calling use Catalyst::Test 'MyApp' 'foo' which used to work,
          but stopped as the 2nd parameter can be an options hash now (t0m)
        - Bump Moose dependency to fix make_immutable bug (t0m)
        - Use compile time extends in Catalyst::Controller (t0m)
        - Make Catalyst::Request::uploads attribute non-lazy, to fix
          test for Catalyst-Engine-Apache (t0m)
        - Bump version of MooseX::Emulate::Class::Accessor::Fast (t0m)
        - Stop using MooseX::Adopt::Class::Accessor::Fast by default, to
          breaking other packages which use Class::Accessor::Fast
        - Remove unused action_container_class attribute from
          Catalyst::Dispatcher (t0m)
        - Replace {_body} instance access with calls to _body accessors
        - Add backwards compatibility alias methods for private attributes
          Catalyst::Dispatcher which used to be public. Needed by
          Catalyst::Plugin::Server and
        - Fix return value of $c->req->body, which delegates to the body
          method on the requests HTTP::Body instance (t0m)
          - Test for this (t0m)
        - Fix calling $c->req->body from inside an overridden prepare_action
          method in a plugin, as used by Catalyst::Plugin::Server (t0m)
          - Test for this (t0m)
        - Fix assignment to Catalyst::Dispatcher's preload_dispatch_types
          postload_dispatch_types attributes - assigning a list should
          return a listref. Fixes Catalyst::Plugin::Server. (t0m)
          - Tests for this (t0m)
        - Change streaming test to serve itself rather than 01use.t, making
          test sync for engines easier (t0m)
        - Refactor capturing of $app from Catalyst::Controller into
          Catalyst::Component::ApplicationAttribute for easier reuse in
          components (Florian Ragwitz)
        - Make the test suites YAML dependency optional (Florian Ragwitz)
        - Make debug output show class name for the engine and dispatcher
          rather than the stringified ref. (t0m)
        - Make MyApp immutable at the end of the scope after the setup
          method is called, fixing issues with plugins which have their
          own new methods by inlining a constructor on MyApp (t0m)
          - Test for this and method modifiers in MyApp (t0m)
        - Fix bug causing Catalyst::Request::Upload's basename method
          to return undef (t0m)
          - Test for this (Carl Franks)
        - Fix loading of classes which do not define any symbols to not
          die, as it didn't in 5.70 (t0m)
          - Test for this (t0m)
        - Bump MooseX::Emulate::Class::Accessor::Fast dependency
          to force new version which fixes a lot of plugins (t0m)
        - Make log levels additive, and add documentation and tests
          for the setup_log method, which previously had none.
          Sewn together by t0m from two patches provided by David E. Wheeler
        - Switch an around 'new' in Catalyst::Controller to a BUILDARGS
          method as it's much neater and more obvious what is going on (t0m)
        - Add a clearer method on request and response _context
          attributes, and use if from ::Engine rather than deleting
          the key from the instance hash (t0m)
        - Use handles on tree attribute of Catalyst::Stats to replace
          trivial delegation methods (t0m)
        - Change the following direct hash accesses into attributes:
          Catalyst::Engine: _prepared_write
          Catalyst::Engine::CGI: _header_buf
          Catalyst::Engine::HTTP: options, _keepalive, _write_error
          Catalyst::Request: _path
          Catalyst::Stats: tree
        - Fix issues in Catalyst::Controller::WrapCGI
          and any other components which import (or define) their
          own meta method by always explicitly calling
          Class::MOP::Object->meta inside Catalyst (t0m)
          - Add test for this (t0m)
        - Add test case for the bug which is causing the
          Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication tests to fail (t0m)
        - Fix a bug in uri_for which could cause it to generate paths
          with multiple slashes in them. (t0m)
          - Add test for this (t0m)
        - Fix SKIP block name in t/optional_http-server-restart.t,
          stopping 'Label not found for "last SKIP"' error from
          Test::More (t0m)
        - Workaround max_redirect 0 bug in LWP (andyg)
        - Move live_engine_response_print into aggregate (andyg)
        - Fix dependency bug, s/parent/base/ in new test (rafl)
        - Fix optional tests to run the live tests in the aggregate
          dir (andyg)
        - Fix Catalyst->go error in remote tests (andyg)
        - Fix upload test to work with remote servers, don't check for
          deleted files (andyg)
        - Fix engine_request_uri tests to work on remote server with
          different URI (andyg)

With regards
Marcus Ramberg
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