decoding in core (Was: [Catalyst] [Announce] Catalyst-Runtime-5.8000_05)

Bill Moseley moseley at
Thu Jan 29 16:00:42 GMT 2009

Sorry to jump in so late here, but has there been any discussion on
moving decoding requests into core?  Requests come in octets and end
up in Perl as parameters which are used as (typically) character
strings.  So, really should decode every request based on the request
charset if provided, no?

Neither of the existing plugins do it correctly (IMO), as they only
decode parameters leaving body_parameters as octets, and don't look at
the request for the charset, IIRC.

The risk is that existing apps may puke with "Wide character in
output" errors (if calls that check that are used), but a big change
like 5.8 would be a good time to force apps to handle encoding

And here's a question: uri_for() rightly encodes to octets before
escaping, but it always encodes to utf-8.  Is it assumed that query
parameters are always utf-8 or should they be decoded with the
charset specified in the request?

Bill Moseley
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