[Catalyst] Polymorphism?

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Tue Jul 7 09:48:06 GMT 2009

Dave Rolsky wrote:
> As do Moose roles. I've found using roles in controllers incredibly 
> helpful, since I often have similar/same "process this data and invoke a 
> ->search method", where the only thing that varies is what is being 
> searched and/or the way the results are being displayed.

Unfortunately, combining multiple roles with method attributes onto the 
same class totally fails right now.


with $_ for qw/ControllerRole1 ControllerRole2/; # Works

with qw/ControllerRole1 ControllerRole2/; # Attributes fail to show up.

This means that conflict resolution (one of the nicest features of 
roles) fails to work :/

I have fixes for this in the pipeline; as always, volunteers welcome to 
take them off my hands and finish them off if you want this before I get 
time... ;)


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