[Catalyst] Advice on namespace for a potential Catalyst cpan module

Ian Docherty catalyst at iandocherty.com
Wed Jul 15 12:03:16 GMT 2009

WRT my previous post I now have a module for a Moose Role useable in a 
Catalyst Controller to manage breadcrumb trail navigation.

The module automatically builds up a breadcrumb trail as you navigate 
through the web application and can then be used to produce an ordered 
list of the pages you have visited. This aids navigation since you can 
click on any of the previous pages visited. A bit like a browsers history.

This might be something worth of putting on cpan. If so what would be a 
suitable namespace?


springs to mind or perhaps


since it is a role to be used in Controllers.

Or are there any other 'standards' for Moose Role modules?


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