[Catalyst] local::lib and mini-cpan for Catalyst apps

Chris hutchinson.chris at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 01:48:54 GMT 2009

I'm trying to establish a working recipe for Cat apps with local::lib
and app-local mini-CPANs. The aim is to have completely independent
app installations with their own copies of all their dependancies, so
an install will be copy to server and run installdeps, and everything
installs from the mini-cpan which lives in the app dir. This is fairly
important when supporting several different apps on different cat
versions. To date I've been using a modified krang installer, but it
doesn't handle dependancies at all, and the install process feels like
it's held together with spit.

I'm using t0m's work on local::lib with cat:
which works very well.

I'm caught on the other piece, getting installdeps to work with a
mini-cpan living in the app directory. All the instructions for
mini-cpans assume you have one private cpan directory and can 'o conf
urllist' to set your file:// path. Sadly this doesn't work very well
with a cpan directory-per-application.

Has anyone had success with such a thing? If/when I get it working
I'll do a write-up for the wiki.

- Chris

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