[Catalyst] local::lib and mini-cpan for Catalyst apps

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Thu Jul 16 09:06:31 GMT 2009

On 16 Jul 2009, at 02:48, Chris wrote:

> I'm trying to establish a working recipe for Cat apps with local::lib
> and app-local mini-CPANs. The aim is to have completely independent
> app installations with their own copies of all their dependancies, so
> an install will be copy to server and run installdeps, and everything
> installs from the mini-cpan which lives in the app dir. This is fairly
> important when supporting several different apps on different cat
> versions. To date I've been using a modified krang installer, but it
> doesn't handle dependancies at all, and the install process feels like
> it's held together with spit.
> I'm using t0m's work on local::lib with cat:
> http://github.com/bobtfish/catalyst-app-example-locallibapp/tree/ 
> master,
> which works very well.

Awesome :) That has become slightly abandonware, just because I don't  
have any tuits to work on it more :/

Glad that it's 'good enough' for you.

> I'm caught on the other piece, getting installdeps to work with a
> mini-cpan living in the app directory. All the instructions for
> mini-cpans assume you have one private cpan directory and can 'o conf
> urllist' to set your file:// path. Sadly this doesn't work very well
> with a cpan directory-per-application.

I really don't know how well relative paths work in CPAN config..

However, I was thinking that the best way to deal with this was to  
write a custom local-lib5/CPAN/MyConfig.pm into the app's local lib,  
which would controll the apps CPAN preferences, including overriding  
distroprefs and CPAN mirrors etc..

I have no idea how well this would work, as I haven't tried it yet,  
but it was the strategy I was going for ;)

Let us know how it works out for you and/or send me patches?


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