[Catalyst] 10 Catalyst Models in 10 Days

Richard Thomas ret at mac.com
Thu Jul 16 12:29:43 GMT 2009

I was with you right up until the word emacs ;-)

Seriously though, great work. And +1 for the dog-fooding too. I look  
forward to the series unfolding.


On 12/07/2009, at 5:53 PM, Ashley wrote:

> I'm doing a series of short-ish articles called "10 Catalyst Models  
> in 10 Days." It will be too light for a good slice of the list but  
> might be fun for some and potentially quite beneficial for  
> newcomers. They're not as polished, thorough, or proofed as I'd  
> like--in fact, only 7 of the 10 are close to done--but I wrote 90%  
> of it a few weeks ago already and it's not finishing itself and  
> MST's no closer to a pink Mohawk so-
>  http://sedition.com/a/2733
> That's the intro. It'll be one each weekday for two weeks.  
> Corrections will be applied if you see something wrong and let me  
> know (I'd appreciate messages come just to me instead of the list).  
> I'll put a dist file of the whole MyApp code up after the last one  
> posts.
> For those who don't know me and might be curious, the site is a  
> Catalyst "blog" I wrote 2+ years ago. On a budget host (DreamHost)  
> under fastcgi and serves a few thousand pages a day on slow days  
> (the budget part does come with some instability but generally it's  
> been fine).
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