[Catalyst] how to set up $HOME or $ROOT to start myapp_server.pl via init.d script?

Christoph Metz mail-lao at web.de
Mon Jul 20 13:40:29 GMT 2009

Hey guys,

i want to deploy my c-app by using the dev-server myapp_server.pl. while
the development i went into the dir myapp and typed
script/myapp_server.pl -r -d
so far, so good, but now i want to start this server via an init.d
script under open-suse 9.2, so i wrote the script by using the skeleton.
but now my problem, if i start the dev-server from out of an other path
like "/" or try to start the server with the abs path
/var/www/myapp/myapp_server.pl, the server starts, but there a errors on
much... like template.tt2 could not be found and so on...

so, where do i have to set a "HOME" oder "PATH" var, so that i can run
the dev server from any fs-point?

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