[Catalyst] Re: 10 Catalyst Models in 10 Days wrapping up-ish

Ashley apv at sedition.com
Sun Jul 26 02:35:38 GMT 2009

Stupid developer update/warning. I set up my github awhile back  
before I'd settled on a contracting company name. I just reset the  
name to match since I may actually be using it for more things.  
Project URI is now-


On Jul 25, 2009, at 2:25 PM, Ashley wrote:

> Hey, all.
> http://sedition.com/a/2733 is mostly done (I have serious repairs  
> to do to make #9 work and might drop it entirely for a second  
> stringer) with the last model entry, "#10: Fixing your legacy code  
> by not fixing it," http://sedition.com/a/2743
> To make it easy to play with and fix I've put it on github: http:// 
> github.com/pangolin/p5-myapp-10in10 -- the project contains a  
> fairly detailed index page of the projects and files, a src  
> browser, and most of the collateral needed to make it all run. It's  
> not super clean but it makes no sense to put up a tarball and  
> expect anyone to keep getting it for updates. I'll be updating the  
> project lightly for awhile still. I welcome and appreciate any good  
> eyes/patches on it.
> Speaking of git: "The best tech quote of 2009," http://sedition.com/ 
> a/2784
> Now off to get the OpenID credential installing without complaints/ 
> failures.
> -Ashley

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