[Catalyst] Is it possible somehow to mix and match path parts using Chained?

Dennis Daupert ddaupert at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 21:51:20 GMT 2009

On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 2:00 PM, Devin Austin <devin.austin at gmail.com> wrote:

> Are you creating plugins for each of those user actions? C::P:: is the
> plugin naming convention.  I could have missed something though.

Hi Devin,

No, I'm not creating plugins. You didn't miss something; I did. I'm just
creating controllers. My bad.

Anyway, check out this Chained tutorial I've written, it covers the type of
> chaining you want to do.  Not quite as in depth as your example, but there
> is a "nested" chain, so I'm sure you could figure it out from there.  If
> not, you have the list :-)
> http://www.catalyzed.org/2009/05/chained-the-awesomesauce.html

You've written a really good and useful article. I wish I'd run into it a
few months ago. I've spent a lot of time reading up on Chained, and working
out method flows, so I am at least over the initial shock of the steep (to
some of us mortals) learning curve. I don't have a "Eureka!" yet, tho. Let
me see if I can clarify the problem I'm having.

In many of the examples I've seen, where you have a url like
they show a parent controller, and a child controller. For example, on the
catalyst wiki,

package MyApp::Controller::Account;

# match /account
sub base :Chained("/") :PathPart("account") :CaptureArgs(0) {}

# match /account/*
sub id :Chained("base") :PathPart("") :CaptureArgs(1) {}

package MyApp::Controller::Account::Org;

# match /account/org
sub base :Chained("/account/base") :PathPart("org") :CaptureArgs(0) {}

# match /account/org/*
sub id :Chained("base") :PathPart("") :CaptureArgs(1) {}

But I have a situation where I need to flow thru methods that aren't tightly
bound to a parent/child relationship. Or I need to be able to create
parent/child methods 'on the fly.'

In the scenario above, /account is anchored to the root url, /. Makes sense,
you have to start somewhere, right? As a user, I want to create actionitems,
and since they belong to me, I'm initially ok with a parent User controller
class in which base is anchored to '/' and a child Actionitems controller
class. (But that gets me into trouble later...)


I have my CRUD methods for actionitems in the child class. This is fine for
'items that are unassociated to meetings or projects. But when I tell the
'item it now is attached to Meeting 37, and the meeting leader does a search
on Actionitems people have attached to the meeting, things get complicated.
Let's say the team leader is user # 16. She logs into her /user/profile,
clicks on 'meetings,' selects meeting 37, and does a search for actionitems
people have sent to that meeting. Now we need a method flow like this:


The list displays. Each 'item has links to edit, delete, reassign, yada
But my CRUD methods for actionitems are all located in
MyApp::User::Actionitem. I haven't figured out how to flow thru the User
class to get $user_obj, then Meeting class to pick up $meeting_obj, and
finally Actionitem class to get you know what.

And when we throw /projects/ into the mix, we get even more complicated.

Have I succeeded in making the issue clear? Or have I convinced you I'm
completely insane? (Or maybe both...)

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